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The home inspection is a visual non-intrusive examination of the structural systems, mechanical

systems and appliances in and on the property.  In the average home, there are some 500 to over

1,000 individual components available to view.  


We try to evaluate all mechanical  systems within the home. And if we can't evaluate because of

current conditions we will address that with you. We will discuss with you any concerns that you

may have. We will answer any questions you may have about anything related to the home. And if

we do not know the answer, we make every attempt to research and find the answer. A report will

be constructed, providing you an overview of the property and reports on the areas of concerns.

The report also includes suggested courses of actions relating to these areas of concerns.


We inspect homes one at a time with no presumptions. Homes are unique just as the people who

buy them. We will take whatever time is needed to explain to you what you are buying before you

move in. In order to inspect all these components properly, sufficient time needs to be allocated.

This inspector will spend, as much time as needed to inspect your prospective property. (An

average inspection takes between two and half to three and a half hours for a 2,000 square

 foot home.)


Buying a home not only involves financial commitments it also usually involves an emotional

attachment to that prospective new home. I have no emotional or financial attachment to your

prospective property, which gives me the ability to observe your prospective property in a

professional unbiased manner.

We have no financial agreement with any party in the transaction except you the client. We do not

do repairs and we do not receive a commission from anyone in the transaction. We do not solicit

Realtors. Nor do we pay a commission to anybody.

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                                                                    Mitchell Captain (AllSpec Professional Property Inspections Inc): Inspector in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida                        


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