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Why should I hire a professional?

Because buying a home not only involves financial commitments, it also involves an emotional

attachment to the prospective new home. A professional inspector has no emotional or financial

attachment to your prospective property; he has the experience to observe the property in an

unbiased manner.  



Mold is cause by water or high humidity in you home. If you see it, remediation is the

recommended course of action.  That means find the source of the mold and eliminate it. Then

 clean the mold up. That sounds easy but it may not. Consulting with an environmental specialist

(not a hone inspector) is recommended.

If you need further information and do not mind being a bit more than confused do an internet

search on mold.  


What type of report do you use?

There are two basic report types: checklist and narrative. We use a computer generated narrative

 report because it is customized for your purchase. Your report will include an overview of the

 property and an in-depth summary of any areas of concern. The report also includes suggested

courses of corrective actions, maintenance suggestions, life expectancies, and a pre-close


The report will be approximately 15-30 pages in length and is delivered on site or emailed the

same day at your request.  


How much does a home inspection cost?

Our fees are based upon the size of the structure, age, and its amenities. When you call us

(954 572-8877) we will give you a firm quote based on the property information. Our prices are

competitive. We feel that we give you the best assessment for your dollar.

I only do two full home inspections per day.  That allows me satisfactory time to do an appropriate

 competent inspection.  


Is there a warranty or guaranty with the inspection?

Unfortunately, we cannot act as an insurance company, nor offer to cover damages that may occur

 over time on your new home. What you are buying from us is our opinion about the home. This

opinion is based on a time specific and limited visual inspection of the home. What is hidden,

 non-accessible, and apt to happen over time is not within the scope of the inspection. We do

 recommend that you carefully re-inspect the home before closing...before you sign on the dotted


I guarantee that I did the best job for you in inspecting and reporting on your new home. If in your

opinion, I did not, YOUR INSPECTION IS FREE. However, you must return the report and any

written materials.


          Can I attend the home inspection?

Yes, you should. I would like to make it mandatory but in some cases that is impossible.  There

are numerous components to a house and you should have more than a general idea about the

components in the home.  In addition, you should know where all the switches, breakers, and

shutoffs are located. Before, during, and after the inspection you are welcome to ask question

about your prospective home.  


I have this home inspection report. What do I do now?

Read it and understand it. After reading, your reports if you do not understand any part or if you

 have any questions, call. If you have, an attorney or a Real Estate agent provide them a copy or

 ask for additional copies on site. If it is a For Sale by Owner, I suggest you confer with an attorney.  


 who did these web pages?

Me, because these are my web pages with my words and my beliefs.


A final word or two!

I take what I do seriously. I do what I do because I believe the prospective homebuyer should know

what they are buying before they move in. I want you to understand what you are buying before you

 take possession of that new home.


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                     Home inspections  in Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Miami Dade County by a

                                   certified, professional, licensed, and independent home inspector.


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Home inspections in broward county, palm beach county, and Miami Dade county by a certified,

professional, licensed, and independent home inspector.